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Oil Painting

Official website for local contemporary Lebanese artist Mira Sbaiti. Original colourful artwork and abstract oil paintings. Browse through my Virtual Online Gallery where you can order any painting directly through me.


When emotions are stirred, consolation and solitude lurk behind the canvas.  Smoothly piercing thoughts manifest and take hold of themselves within the smudges of pushed around paint.

I paint simply for the love of painting, the pleasure of splattering colours and the emotional release that occurs during the process. I have no particular method or style as it is a constant experimentation of interwoven thoughts of ‘controlled’ chaos within an undefined expression that formulates and lives somewhere amidst the throat, chest and gut.

But my work isn’t about representing my elucidations of life, emotions, or feelings, regardless of my trigger, as much as it’s about surfacing your thoughts, touching on your creativity, and creating interpretations of how you each piece speaks to you.

A successful painting will trigger imagination, evoke emotion and encourage a sense of reflection and connection between itself and you.

When each art work is complete and released to the world, it takes on its own liberated identity separate from mine. The identity and energy it exerts belongs to you and only you.

More interesting than a painting with a told meaning is a painting that evokes infinite responses.


I paint using oil paints. I vary my utensils from the standard brushes and palette knives to sponges, fingertips, and anything else that comes along.

The process always starts with a back-wash followed by mounted layers of paint on an ever rotating canvas. I tend to work freely whilst lending my feelings and energy to each piece, though seldom does my initial intention shine through, but rather an emphasis of the new emerging shapes that take charge of the piece and these evolve spontaneously.


Born in Lebanon in 1979, my family immigrated to Ghana then England due to the civil war that gripped our country. From early childhood I discovered my passion for drawing and painting, and that has been my only constant.

Who I am today is relative as we are forever growing and changing accordingly to the seconds that pass us by. At heart I am an artist, a dreamer and I believe in magic.

Professionally I carry the label of Graphic and Web Designer. My experience is in corporate branding and UX / UI design for the web and mobile sector.

Personally I am an artist with a passion to paint and create digital graphics. I also find gratification in writing, as that too has always been a part of me; though more private.

Spending my time painting, writing, or drawing is my way of life. I have the need to expand myself as an artist, to grow and become.

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